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If you've looked around then you know that you have two options when it comes to a web site for your company.  You can go out on your own with a budget hosting site and no support and hope your tech-savvy kids can pick up the slack, or you can find a local computer company that will gladly take your entire marketing budget for a cookie cutter web site with a nice collection of additional fees any time you want to make a change.

I started my hosting company to give you an alternative.  My goal is to give you the service of a local web hosting company with the price of those budget guys online.  How can I do that?  When you signup with me I will create a web site for you with built-in tools to help you edit the site.  We can work together to build the look and feel of your website and the basic structure.  From there the underlying software will allow you to edit the site and make changes when you need them and without having to pay me every time.  I'll always be there if you need the support, but you'll be surprised at just how easy you can maintain your own site.

I can also provide you with digital design and photography services so you can build a marketing image that is consistent across your website, business cards, and other brochures.

Let me help your business look like you brought in the big guys without breaking your marketing budget.


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