About Chris

Thanks for taking a few minutes to get to know me.  Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  First and foremost I am a proud husband and father of two.  I am also a lifelong computer nerd.  

I grew up in Texas and spent most of my childhood tormenting my parents by taking apart every piece of electronics we ever owned.  By 7th grade I was competing in state-wide programming and math competitions.  I eventually went on to earn a BS degree in Computer Science from Texas Tech University while paying for my schooling in part by building web sites, databases, and applications for local small businesses (many of which continue to stick with me as clients to this day).

Somewhere along the way a close friend decided that I should be more well-rounded than the average computer nerd, so they introduced my to the world of the Professional Disc Jockey.  I started small with birthday parties for friends and church dances at the age of 14 and had my own time slot at the local Top 40 radio station by the time I graduated high school.  I continued to DJ through college and for several years after, working for other services and agencies and eventually starting my own service.

After moving to Utah I decided it was time to expand my horizons a little more and go back to school for an MBA.  Most people with my technical background who go back to school for their MBA focus on technical skills and project management, but I'm not most people and I wanted to stretch myself a little more than that, so I chose Accounting and Financial Analysis as the focus area for my MBA and the great people at the University of Utah were very accommodating and helped me develop new skills in accounting, finance, and econometrics.

Along the way I have worked for two large retailers (one supermarket and one paint manufacturer/retailer) building software to improve business reporting and finding ways to streamline how they do business.  My goal has been to take advantage of technology to build processes that are better and easier for end-users in the stores.  It's not enough for a process to be better for the people in the corporate office, it has to be better for the people who really do the work.  If I am working on software for butchers then I am going to know a little bit about cutting meat before I am done.  If I am working on a project to better integrate tinting computers then I am going to know about paint (and have some all over my clothes) before I am done.

This unique combination of technical expertise, public performances, and running my own business has given me the ability to understand the needs of your business and translate those needs into software that meets those needs.  I can even discuss those needs with you without you feeling like you are on hold with tech support.  Please let me help you present your business to potential clients and convert them into your clients.

Photo Credit: Jon Williams Photography

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